In 1910 when there was an awareness of education, then Diwan Bahadur Pandit Nandlalji Kaul explained the importance of female education and dreamed of the establishment of a girls’ school.
In admin panel the Gentlemans Mr. Madhavrao Kibey, Seth Gangashyaji, Seth Govind Prasad and Seth Sadasuk Mr. Dayal Ji Ramanathan contributed actively. Crowd support and cooperation from the government building has been constructed school.
Organization Took an active role in the liberation movement of the body. Gandhi’s ideals is a extensive effect. In harmony and ancient heritage-conscious generation of today, patriotic teachers, scholars are engaged in enticing.
Self founding in 1947. Diwan Bahadur Pandit Nand Lal’s daughter-in-law, Mrs. Vimal Kaul Jagdale took over as the school’s first principal. The constantly increasing, The constantly increasing, she started to provide higher education to the female education in a college town in August 1, 1965.
The main point is that the name of the institution Devi Ahilya has its own from its own Holkar Family, because at that time College was called Indore College. They set new dimensions to their own ancient heritage with modern teaching methodology and set the tone for boys entering the institution and by co-education the institution of the gate has had a distinguish identify.